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SweetCheeks® Cellulite Massage Mats
#1 Best selling --- Works while you sit

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What is SweetCheeks®?

SweetCheeks® patented Cellulite Massage Mats leverage your body weight against the textured surface of the mat --- providing a manual massage that temporarily increases local circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite while you sit.


Sit on your SweetCheeks® for 30 minutes a day to see results.


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The Doctors put SweetCheeks® to the Test

"We know that anything that helps stimulate circulation and even out the depressed areas, and the mats do this, can help"
Dr. Andrew Orden

Use SweetCheeks® wherever you go

SweetCheeks® are portable and come with their own convenient carrying case so you can bring them wherever you go --- no cords or batteries!

  • In the car

  • In your office

  • Relaxing at home

How to use SweetCheeks® for best results

  • Sit on your SweetCheeks® Massage Mat and begin your 30 minute massage.

  • Within 15 minutes, the area in contact with the textured surface of the SweetCheeks® mat will begin to feel warm. Continue sitting for a total of 30 minutes. If you are uncomfortable, add a layer of clothing between the mat surface and your skin and/or sit for a shorter duration.
    Note: With repeated use, you can determine what type of clothing is best to balance comfort and achieving your desired results.

  • After 30 minutes of use, remove the mat. Stand and stretch your legs. You will see the slight flushing and impressions on your skin mirroring the surface texture of the SweetCheeks® Massage Mat.

  • Within approximately one hour, the impressions and flushing will begin to fade. Daily use helps maintain your results.

SweetCheeks® is $99 and available in 6 different colors

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. If I sit on SweetCheeks® for thirty minutes, how long will the effects last?
Q. Does it hurt?