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Product Reviews

  • Jackie M.
    I have tried other products like the creams, roller and suction med spa visits. But SweetCheeks® is the one that works for me the best. Because my job is sitting at a desk all day, I feel like I’m doing something for myself when I’m sitting on SweetCheeks®.
  • Holly
    I have enjoyed my SweetCheeks® massage mat for about 9 months now and I love my results. I, like many woman, suffer from the dreaded cellulite on the backs of my thighs, glute areas of my body. I keep my mats in my car, ready to go, everyday. It's nice because it does feel like a little mini massage, and the immediate effects of just sitting for long periods (ie traffic, taking the kids to and fro) are nearly unrecognizable. I feel much better about just sitting, when I have my SweetCheeks® at my seat.
  • Laila W.
    I never write reviews, but I felt the need to say HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I was hesitant to buy it, but i'm so glad I did. I recommend this to all my girlfriends. Such an easy, simple solution. I even use this after the gym to help with my sore muscles.
  • Julie R.
    I love this mat! I move mine between my work desk and car.
  • Anonymous
    I'm fairly thin but I still have quite a bit of cellulite on my lower butt and top of my thighs. I've tried a lot of those coffee scrubs and lotions and nothing has worked as well as this mat. I drive 30 minutes to work every morning so I thought it would be perfect to keep in my car. By the time I get home in the evening all the little pyramid indentions have faded and I can seriously see a huge difference!! i also use it in the morning before I go to the pool or if I'm going out and want to wear a tight dress. If you have stubborn cellulite that you want to get rid of, I seriously recommend this product. The grey color is really pretty too!
  • Monica C.
    SweetCheeks® definitely helps me feel good about having to sit at work for so long. I like that at the end of thirty minutes, I can feel it working. Then it reminds me to get up and walk around. It’s a whole healthier routine for me. I have one for my car, my office and my home.


  • Cosmopolitan Magazine
    Our newest obsession, SweetCheeks® is a mat with a textured surface that, similar to the affect of acupressure, massages and increases circulation, temporarily minimizing lumps and bumps. 
  • Essence Magazine
    Since cellulite exists in all sizes and has never improved the look of any outfit, we were delighted to discover the SweetCheeks® Cellulite Mat. Sit on it for 30 minutes a day at your desk, in your car, anywhere and watch the dimples subside (temporarily). Now that's time well spent.
  • Kim, The Bragging Mommy Blog
    While I know this is a temporary reduction, I can’t help but love it. For one, it is such an easy thing to do each day. I typically use it while I am sitting at my kitchen table (either eating breakfast or using my laptop).
  • Leah Wade, MyHealth
    SweetCheeks® Massage mats increases the blood flow to the area, thereby reducing the appearance of cellulite. You sit on the mat for 30 minutes a day, and you will see results! The results are not permanent but definitely noticeable. This product is great not only for the reduction in appearance of cellulite but also for increasing blood flow to your body, particularly if you work in a sedentary job.


  • Dr. Jame Heskett
    "I recommend Sweetcheeks® to all of my patients who want to do something easy and effective to improve their circulation while they are sitting."
  • Dr. Yael Halaas
    The SweetCheeks® Cellulite Massage Mat is a convenient, novel way to temporarily increase local circulation in the buttocks and upper thigh simply by sitting. The textured mat is designed to stimulate and manually massage the back region, smoothing out the lumps and bumps as you sit. SweetCheeks® can also relieve minor muscle aches and spasms.
  • JW
    Excellent product. I am a doctor and have been sitting on the mat each day in my office since it arrived. The results are impressive and immediate. The cellulite looks so much better. Easy to maintain results. Very helpful also for massage of sore muscles. Nice discreet design, lightweight, with sleek and sexy carrying pouch. Terrific! Im thinking of buying another one for the car and travel.
  • Joan G.
    As a psychiatrist I have to sit most of my workday. SweetCheeks® has really made a difference. It makes me feel better about how long I have to sit each day. I’ve noticed the increased circulation and sometimes I use it for my lower back. It’s like having my own masseuse and acupuncturist throughout the day! My preference is for the flexible black, as it doesn’t draw attention in a professional environment.