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How It Works

how-it-works-cellulite-massage-mats.jpg SweetCheeks® works by leveraging your body weight against the textured surface of the mats to deliver an effective manual massage to your bottom and thighs. SweetCheeks® immediately increases local circulation to help reduce the appearance of cellulite just by sitting. Purposeful and natural movements while you sit enhance the massaging effect.

Sit for at least 30 minutes on your SweetCheeks®, and you will feel a tingle and warmth. You' ll notice a slight flushing of the skin from the increase in local circulation and see the impressions left by the mats. These will fade within an hour, leaving you with results you’ll like.

What is Cellulite

how-does-it-works-cellulite-massage-mats.jpgCellulite affects over 90% of women in the US (and 10% of men), no matter what your weight or fitness level. Cellulite appears as uneven, dimpled texture on the surface of the skin, often referred to as ‘hail damage’, 'orange peel’ or 'cottage cheese’. Cellulite has been described as the condition wherein fat and fluids become trapped within the connective tissue in your skin. This causes the skin to appear to bulge and pucker. Age and genetics play a part, and women are especially affected by cellulite due to several factors, including the way their connective tissue is structured. Collagen, the main protein of connective tissue, is usually structured much like a 'picket fence’ in women’s skin, allowing fat cells to bulge through to create an orange peel effect known as cellulite. In men, the connective tissue structure generally looks more like a crosslinked fence, holding back the layer of fat more robustly, therefore the cellulite is less visible.



Researchers often grade cellulite in four categories ranging from zero to three:

  • 0 Grade zero is no visible cellulite.
  • 1 Grade one is mild cellulite with no real visible cellulite but if you pinch the skin a cottage cheese–like texture or mattress look is seen.
  • 2 Grade two is moderate cellulite, which is visible on the legs of someone standing.
  • 3 Grade three is severe cellulite, which can be seen while the person is lying down.

While cellulite is genetic, a healthy diet and regular exercise, together with frequent massage can improve the appearance of cellulite.