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Q: Can I sit on SweetCheeks® more than once per day?
A: "Yes. However, we recommend that you get to know your body's response to using SweetCheeks® before you increase sitting time. We recommend just thirty minutes per day to begin. People have different degrees of cellulite and your results may vary. See how your body responds to the increased local circulation and learn what is comfortable but also gives you the best results."
Q: Why is the length of time to sit on SweetCheeks® only 30 minutes a day? Can I sit for a longer period of time?
Q: If I sit on SweetCheeks® for thirty minutes, how long will the effects last?
Q: Does it hurt?
Q: Can I sit on SweetCheeks® while wearing my jeans or will that interfere with my results?
Q: After I am sitting for about 15 minutes or so, the mat feels warm. Is this okay?
Q: Should I be still while sitting on the mat?
Q: What if I have circulatory or vein problems, can I still use the product?
Q: Can I use SweetCheeks® for muscle aches and pains or muscle spasms in my back?
Q: Can I fall asleep on SweetCheeks®?
Q: Will SweetCheeks® work on my 'Ba-Thigh?'
Q: How can I clean and care for my SweetCheeks® mats?
Q: Does it contain Latex? I am allergic to latex products.
Q: I do not have much cellulite, but I like the idea of increased circulation. Is there anything I need to know about using SweetCheeks®?
Q: Can I just sit on one of the two panels to get the same mats to see results?
Q: I notice that the last 2 rows of the SweetCheeks® mats have protrusions that are lower than the rest. Why is that?
Q: Sitting on SweetCheeks® is like putting a princess on a pea! What can I do to make this work for me?
Q: Can I put SweetCheeks in the freezer to burn more calories!?