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Our Story

After a decade working in the medical device field and as an advisor to the FDA’s Medical Device Panel, I decided that my next product would involve one that women wanted and that didn’t exist today. I focused my research in the area of cellulite because it is a condition most women have and are searching for truly effective solutions.

After researching the existing cellulite treatments on the market I soon realized that massage seemed to be the most promising of all, and cost-wise was a treatment in reach for most women. Expensive medical procedures such as Cellulaze and other med-spa treatments work, but like everything else out there, they give temporary results, are expensive, and involve time out of your day. Plus high recurring costs and maintenance of good results is difficult. Lots of creams on the market seem to work as well, but again, they provide no immediate results, are time inefficient, and have recurring costs.

I created SweetCheeks® Massage Mats to turn the impracticality of getting a daily massage, into a reality. The Mats are designed to be portable and for use by any woman. SweetCheeks® works while sitting in a chair, driving, working at your desk, relaxing in front of a TV, or flying around the globe. When our initial prototypes showed that all of the women tested had an increase in skin temperature and flushing to their skin after only 30 minutes I knew we were on to something as increasing circulation brings more nutrients and oxygen to the skin and can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The question I get asked most often is, “how does it work?” Well, it works just like a deep tissue massage. When you leverage your body weight against the textured surface of the mats, the pyramids increase the pressure even more so as your skin folds into each peak and valley. You actually feel the tingle and then the warmth. After about 30 minutes, you will also see the flushing to your skin and the mirror image pattern of the mat on your skin. Then your body goes to work to pump out and smooth the skin’s surface. That takes an hour or so. The skin looks better. Feels better. This temporary increase in local circulation reduces the appearance of cellulite and in some cases, that reduction is seen after only one use! Maintaining your results couldn’t be easier.

Our goal is to continue to develop products that women want - at home treatments that are effective and do not require time out of someone's busy day. Innovating with the busy woman in mind helps us in product development. We wish to lead in the area of ‘fit, fun & sporty’ products that can be helpful to all women and within anyone’s budget.

I am proud to lead a team that has decades of in-depth experience in healthcare and medical devices. We are located in Austin, TX where we continue to impact the landscape taking it from “high-tech” to “thigh-tech” as our own unique contribution towards Keeping Austin Weird!


Ali Gallagher, is the founder and inventor of the SweetCheeks® Cellulite Massage Mat, and serves as the company’s CEO.

Ali is an attorney and former nurse practitioner and has held several senior executive positions, including CEO of a publicly traded medical device company. Her past accolades included being awarded Exporter of the Year by the Austin Chamber of Commerce and nominated for several awards including Women Led Business of the Year Award and Entrepreneur of the Year. She has also served as an industry representative to the FDA’s medical device panel.

Ali has a BS in Nursing and a JD from The University of Texas at Austin.